Keep Your Cooties to Yourself

Don't dry your naked bits with someone else's ick. Tag your towel. 

Our Story

Tag a Towels are helping bathrooms stay organized, saving marriages and are keeping families a bit more safe. They cut down on laundry, help conserve water and energy, and save you from sharing germs and infectious diseases (aka cooties).

I created Tag a Towels as an organization solution when I found my family of four all sharing ONE bathroom. We all tried to reuse our towels to save on water, energy and save my sanity on laundry. But one day I had stepped out of the shower one too many times to find that my towel was wet. Someone had been using my towel.

That’s when I designed what is now known as Tag a Towels. They are super cute, super fluffy, super soft terry cloth covered tags that have a magnet in them. Each family member or roommate chooses their design, clips it onto the edge of their towel, and there’s no more confusion as to whose towel is whose.

And me? Well, with Tag a Towel I’ve cut down on laundry and I’m teaching my kids conservation and organization while making it fun with our designs. Best of all, I’m one happy Mom who can step out of my shower and reuse my towel in confidence, not cooties.

"Our Tag a Towels are hard at work in Ka'anapali. Thanks again Sarah! They are so useful." -Jennifer Chung

"We love our towel tags, now the kids can't shift the blame for who dropped their towel on the floor! Thanks!" -Dashiel St. Damien

"Received the Tag a Towel in the great gift bag from Entreprenette and my kids love them! Thank you!" -Kristen Ford-Stevens

If you have any questions about your tags or your order, you can email us at We return all email within 72 hours.